Go for it!

“Does the world need another book? Song? Painted living room?”, Emily Freeman asked last week.

The answer in my mind and my heart was clear and loud: boy, no!

Specially if we’re talking about another book on the grace of God.

Really. Is it just me or almost every year you see new authors taking you again in a journey on grace.

Same principles. Sometimes even the same approach.

“There’s enough books on that. Good books. Let’s say something else”, I’ve thought.

“Another album from that band? No way! They just realeased one!”.

Cruel, I know. So mean from me. But, don’t panic, I’ve learned my lesson.

God used Emily Freeman to make sure I did.

She said that maybe the world doesn’t need another book or another song, or another youtube channel, or another T.V. show, and honestly, chances are the world doesn’t need another blog; but, as this woman so strongly suggests, it does need you to come alive right where you are.

Don’t listen to people like me who will try to stop you from doing the very thing that is in your heart.

Don’t even listen to yourself if you’re that person constantly saying “the world doesn’t need what I do”.

You know what? No, maybe it doesn’t need it but, as Emily says, it definetly could use some of the passion that makes your eyes shine when you’re working on what God’s placed in you.

“If writing books or songs or painting living rooms is what makes you come alive, then that’s what you’ll need to do”.

Emily Freeman

Nothing more, but make sure nothing less.

Has the Lord put a dream in you?

Has He ignited your whole being with a passion?

Then by all means go for it!

Go ahead and prove me wrong!

Be bold and show the world and show yourself we do need your book on grace, your song, your dance, your blog, your job after all. God’s behind it and we’ll be blessed all because you’re doing what you were called to do!

2 thoughts on “Go for it!

  1. It’s amazing, like you said, at how many books carry the same subject theme. And yet you never know which one will finally break through to someone.
    🙂 I’m glad you learned your lesson. We people are hard headed and often hard hearted. We really DO need yet another book on grace…or whatever the subject may be. Lol


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