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They say that you should follow
and chase down what you dream

Everyday. High School Musical 2

I began this blog about 8 months ago.

It was created for sharing things God’s put in my heart and I wanted to say.

It was exciting. It was new. It was fun.

I felt thankful if someone made a comment or shared it somehow. Every encouragement meant the world to me.

I think out of the need of promoting the blog (I say “I think” because I don’t remember clearly now), I began to be more active on Social Media, you know, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

My community needed to grow so the things I wrote could reach more people because, really, who publishes something so nobody sees it?

That’s how it all was for a while and I was enjoying myself. For real.

Then, it all changed. I did not even realize when or how, but it did.

All of a sudden, “how many likes” and “how many followers” were all that mattered. It was not fun anymore. It was work.

Hard work.

I wanted to be more and more noticed. I wanted the popularity. I wanted the fame. Perhaps, I was always looking for it.

But if you get lost and lose yourself,
what does it really mean?

Everyday. High School Musical 2

I got to the moment when I felt so frustrated because I was not getting the same good results I had had before. I got desperate.

I felt I needed to do something to fix it so I began posting things just because. I had to be present, I had to get likes even if there was nothing I wanted to share, I had to do it.

It’s crazy, I know.

Then, for some reason I suddenly came to my senses.

A friend asked me: “Why do you want to have more followers?”

“Because I want others to get to my blog”, I lied.

Truth was I had no idea anymore. I forgot why I wanted it to begin with.

At that very instant I got a look at myself and, honestly, I did not like what I saw.

It was as if I didn’t know myself; like I sold my very soul for followers.

I think about it now and I can’t fully grasp how come I was so blind. I didn’t even notice what was happening to me, how obsessed I was.

I couldn’t recognize myself any longer.

I understood the whole purpose of Social Media is showing who you really are. Likes and followers should be the result and not the motive; otherwise, you will probably lose yourself for the sake of pleasing others.

It’s not I don’t want people to like what I do, but I also want to enjoy the process and to be faithful to who I am.

I belong to God, not to others’ likes.

So, basically, I’m in rehab right now, haha.

I don’t want to be a slave of Social Media. I want to be God’s slave.

If my life is remembered for something, I hope It is for more than how many followers I had.

Hopefully, God will lead the journey for me to do just that.

If you’ve felt a bit identified with this whole thing, then let’s pray for each other that we can make our voice heard not matter how many likes.

3 thoughts on “Like 4 Like

  1. What an honest post! This trap is so easy to fall into.
    I found myself in a similar situation. Because I know that what I have to offer honors God, I want to make sure it’s visible. Before you knew it, my facebook page was nothing but a wall of links…and they all led to the same place. :/
    I had to step back and do some soul searching too. I never wanted to be a self-promoter. I know that we HAVE to, to some degree. But I didn’t mean for it to be the only thing out of my mouth…or on my Facebook page.
    I sat down and re-evaluated the purpose behind my presence on social media. What did I REALLY want people to get out of my friendship? I listed my priorities and some ideas for how I wanted to accomplish this. Then I set out to bring more variety to my posting by purposely sharing something from each category every week. I’m not perfect in this, but already I can see variety taking over and I love it.
    Since it may be helpful to you, I’ll share a few details:
    As a Christian, I wanted to share Christ in other ways besides leading them to my blog or my book. I’m now purposing to share songs and Bible verses on a regular basis.
    As a historical author, I want to share history, specifically, the era that I’m writing for. Throwback Thursdays is a perfect opportunity to share some of the neat things I run across during my research or the fun links my history loving friends have shared with me.
    As a reader, I want to share my favorite books. I decided to do this by talking about what I’m reading, sharing my favorite quotes from the book I’m reading, my reviews, and other random book lover memes or links that I find along the way.
    On my personal page, I share more of my personal life and family pictures.
    I originally set out to assign a theme post for every day of the week so I could make sure I was covering all my ground. I haven’t stuck with the themed days, but I do review my mental list of ideas when I notice that I haven’t posted anything recently.
    🙂 Hopefully something here will help you iron our your own purpose and help you bring the balance back to social media.

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