He knows how to understand me

One of the things that amazes me most about God is the fact that He created us differently on purpose.

The Lord designed us with some specifics that make us one of a kind because He is pleased in doing so. He likes it.

Here you have some examples of this:

In the book “Chasing Hope” by Kathryn Cushman, the author metions Eric Liddell, a famous Olympic runner who was used to look at the sky  “drinking in God’s pleasure” while running. 

He felt connected with God in that moment.

Then you have the very well-known racing driver, Ayrton Senna, who said that He felt God’s presence while doing the last lap for winning one of his three championships. In wis own words, he saw Him.

In the book “Leota’s garden”, the main character, Leota, explains how near God she felt in the garden.

I can relate to that in reading. I feel closer to God and His joy in books, in words, in learning. Something difficult for me to express yet so true.

Running. Racing. Gardening. Reading.

Very different things that God Almighty uses to show Himself.

That’s amazing! But here’s the most emotional part:

Ayrton Senna and Eric Liddell both found God but differently.

We could say each of them were purposelly designed by the Lord to find Him but in different ways. He prepared everything for them to meet Him in an unique form. And that’s so special because our Heavenly Father wanted it like that.

We are diverse. We find God in not the same places. We pray differently. And God intended it that way. And you know what? We should be proud of it!

That’s why when I heard “Jesus, Rock of Ages” by Christy Nockels (found in her new album “Let it be Jesus) I felt so grateful when she said:

He knows how to understand me

Yes, He does. 

He knows all about me. 

He knows how to take care of me, how to speak to me and make sure I’m listening, where to meet me so I can see Him.

God. Undertands. Me.

He knows who I am and how to be in a relationship with me.

So, I celebrate it! Through this song, through my books, through this blog.

I’m proud of the work God’s done and the uniquely way He’s created me to be.

You can be proud too. Our Lord and Savior sees with pleasure who you are and He loves the person he created in you.

So, let’s not be ashamed of our uniqueness. Instead, let’s rejoice and find God in the ways and the places He designed for us.

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