What does make a great novel?

Recently, I was asked this very interesting question at Goodreads and realized I had never stopped to think about it. Had you?

So, I decided to write this post based on my experience as reader and see if you can relate.

A great novel…

1) …makes you laugh

Seriously, when you find yourself laughing at something some character said, you know you’re reading something good.George-Clooney-Laughing-Desktop-Wallpaper

You’re involved with the story to the point you understand a joke the author intended to make and respond as he wanted.

You’re reading and having fun at the same time! That’s awesome.

People who don’t like books would talk about how boring they are – not all of them. You can enjoy them too.

2) …makes you cry


All right, you cannot laugh all the time because there are sad moments in every story too. In those moments, a great book makes cry or feel like crying, at least.

This shows that you’re so connected with what’s going on that it makes you suffer with the characters.

3) …teaches you something

If you’re reading, you must learn something from the context of the story; maybe a little bit about history, laws, fires, culture,… not about the characters but somehing from the things that surrounds them.world globe on a open book

For example, while reading a story of a woman in World War II, you learn how life was for women in general back then. The author teaches things that probably you knew nothing about in an entertaining way.

4) …inspires you

This +300 pages you’re taking the time to go through must give you a message that encourages to do better in live.

5) …is well – written


Good writing. No bad grammar, no misspelling. Otherwise, the noise we hear in our minds will drown the story no matter how good it is.

Also, it is important for those like me who are studying english, that we are learning it right from books.

What do you think? Do you agree? What would you add?

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