Can I have this dance?


Thank you for stopping by my blog!

 Basically, I have this space for sharing those things that have helped me in my walk with God in hopes that He’d use them to do the same in your life.

 The blog’s title “Mi baile perfecto” (My perfect dance) comes from a song that’s become very meaningful in my relationship with the Lord, it’s “Can I have this dance?” of High School Musical (yes, a Disney’s movie, but give me a chance and keep reading).

The song says something that has impacted my life for very long time:


 “Now won’t you promise me that you’ll never forget to keep dancing wherever we go next?”


I’m not sure if it causes the same effect in you (since everyone has their own story with God) but, at least for me, this phrase puts in words the desire of God for me to keep dancing with Him, keep believing his purpose no matter what happens in the future. It fills me with the assurance that, regardless the situations we will face tomorrow, I can take steps of faith and keep dancing because He’s the one who leads and I’m safe in his embrace.

 “Promise me you’ll keep dancing, promise me you won’t let go of me even if it gets really hard…”, it’s His request.

 “Yes, yes, I promise You so, I’ll keep moving my feet”, the response I want to give Him forever.

When everything seems dark and difficult, I can feel God’s voice in me saying: “It looks horrible, I know, but… keep dancing with me”, that, reader friend, is what I call my perfect dance.

It’s my heart’s desire that this blog could be somehow an invitation to trust Him in an everlasting dance of love and hope.

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